Plastic Can Never Wither
Stockholm, Sweden
At the end of 2022, I started thinking about how Asians in Sweden are portrayed in the media. It wasn't many searches before I got it confirmed, that we are not seen in so many different ways. A documentary about berry pickers here, a project about lust and love across the sea there. We know. But what happens beyond that? What happens when the stories reproduced do not match reality? I'm aware of the consequences, and it's something I might talk about in the future, but right now I just want to share something that makes me happy when I see it.

Let these images be a reminder that plastic can never wither
Exhibited at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, 2023

Homage To Home
Torekov, Sweden

We sing, cry, tell stories and try to control our laughter. When I think about the women I grew up with in my family, I think about the immense love and warmth they surrounded me with. This is a project dedicated to them, the Indonesian women in my life – you feel like home.”
Published in TCK magazine issue no.1, 2021